Lost Hope: The vulture and the Sheep

Long ago, the fair beast came to our land and handed us to the vultures and the vultures gave birth to more vultures who have infiltrated our green land and turned it to black while scraping the little greens from the land and taking them to foreign lands.

The vultures have grown so strong that they have initiated so many sheep from the land and turned them into greedy vultures.

So many sheep have tried to make the land green again but the vultures are so strong that they either convert the sheep to greedy vultures or turn them to barbecue.

The vultures have created fear in the eyes of the sheep that they have all accepted their fate. The sheep only speak of hope in their minds and look for ways to smile in their agony.

Can the land be green again? Can the sheep rise up to make the land green again? Well, never say never but it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the land to be green again.

As I write, I write in fear because the vultures hate when you speak to the sheep. I remember a sheep that said “Animal in human cloth”, he slept in the dark wall with barricades for months.

The vultures are so wise now that they feed the sheep with one ugwu leaf while they feed themselves with a whole rubber plantation. Even the ugwu leaf is still being shared among the greedy vultures and leave us with subatomic.

Today we the sheep fight to go to the land of the fair beasts because the vultures have made the land so dark that the statement “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep” is the order of the day.

Every four years, the vultures and the greedy vultures come to the sheep for help and promise them heaven on earth. They tell them that they will make the land to be green again. They even bring some artificial greens to the land but after that sabbath period, they take their greens and scavenge for more.

But wait, Correct Bro, do the sheep have power to remove the vultures from the land during the 4th year? Nice question, the answer is YES and No.

The vultures have grown so big that they have so many greedy vultures from the land who help them during the 4th year to ensure they continue to rape the land. They have even built a superannuated system that help them to control the sheep counting process. So the answer is No unless the counting process is changed and greedy vultures will stop collecting greens from the vultures, but until then, the land will continue to lose its greens to these vultures.

Oops my ink is finished….

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