Looks like red flag – Lady in disbelief as boyfriend asks her to return 3k he gave her

A lady expressed concerns about her boyfriend on whether he is someone she wants to continue being with following a recent monetary exchange.

She explained that she asked her man to give her 3k when her sister’s inhaler finished and she was exhibiting signs of an asthmatic attack.

He gave her the money yesterday but to her surprise he decided to ask her for the money today believing that it was just a loan.

The girlfriend who said they have been dating for 8 months said he hardly supports her financially and the request for purchase of inhaler was a one time thing she expected to be for free.

She was shocked when he called her and wondered if she forgot to send him the money after making profit from her business.

In her words; “Please, something has been bothering me and I don’t know if it’s a red flag or not so I’d like you to keep me anonymous and post for your followers opinion. I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months now, and he’s a nice guy, he calls me everyday to check on me and all.

Now, what’s bothering me is the fact that he doesn’t help me financially. I just started a small pastry business so I’m sustaining myself with the small profits I make, he knows I don’t get a lot of profit but he never ever offers to help me even though I hardly ask for his help.

Yesterday, my sister’s inhaler finished and she was showing signs of having an attack and we didn’t have any money at home so I called my boyfriend to ask him for 3,000, he gave me the money and called me today to ask for the money back, asking me if I forgot to pay him from the profit I made today. I’m just really worried and I need advice. Thanks.”

In other relationship matters, a Nigerian lady has revealed that she called off her engagement few years ago because of her fiancé’s odd request.

According to the woman known as @zynnnie, she used to send monthly stipend to her parents every month and he expressed displeasure.

When he objected to her continuing with the allowance to her parents, she decided to end the relationship.

Zynnnie explained that any man who disrespects her family or his own family is not the type of person she wants to be with.

She wrote; “I broke off an engagement with a man fews years ago cos he objected to the monthly stipend I send to my parents. Mess with my family & you got to go!!! Mess with your own family & you got to go too. I don’t do well with unreasonable mistreatment of family members. Byyeeeee.”

Reacting, @Sandie_abeni said; Way to go, broke up with one because he said his mother was “yarning dust”. I didn’t need to think anything before he’ll come and tell my mother same.

If they don’t respect their family; they won’t respect yours too.

@kikelomolonge; Mess with your family and you got to go is the addendum I didn’t know I needed because if he has no regard for his family hu hu hu to you.

@vic_ace; So any objection = messing with your family? I totally support taking care of one’s family. However, that guy may have just dodged a financially draining bullet. After that engagement, the next thing could be the guy shouldering that responsibility for you.

@merrybelz; Stipend he’s suppose to add to. People are so funny. Which lips will you use to tell me to even stop?

@cadycxy; As far as its your money you are sending to your family. Why should anyone have a problem with that?.