Local priest wows residents as he uses holy sachet water to ‘start fire’ in Ghana (Video)

A video which has gone viral shows the moment a Ghanaian traditional priest started fire on logs of wood using a sachet of water, commonly known as ‘pure water’.

He recited incantation and poured the water on the wood that had been gathered and placed together on the floor in Ashanti Region.

The spiritualist left the residents stunned when the fire came up moments after pouring the pure water on the wood.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @malik__szn said; Make he drink the pure water make we see something 🌚

@kaytoons_studio; there’s a tunnel under the fire woods someone is in that tunnel n lighting the woods up from down, i’m a black man you can’t convince me easily 😂😂

@KuameOliver_; Make he goo do am Canada. Na that place Wey Dey freeze

In another news…

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu said has asserted that political leaders collaborate with religious rulers to keep the citizens subjugated.

She stated this via her Twitter (X) account while positing that religious rulers need bad governance to sell cheap miracles to the people.

She said: “I have always told you people that the political rulers and the religious rulers are in a symbiotic relationship. The religious rulers need bad governance to sell cheap miracles, while political rulers need the citizens to be kept subjugated.

“On the Muslim side, they will tell you that the suffering here does not matter as your reward is in heaven, so protest is haram. Expect more extremist behaviour from hisbah which will be used to indicate it is because they are trying to establish Islamic ways that things are hard. On the Christian side, they will tell you to focus on your personal miracle and not be bothered about government, after all, any government can favour you.

“Expect more miraculous miracles that defy reasoning from pastors, which will be used to indicate if you focus on your personal miracle you can get more than government can give you. As for traditional religions, they always have witches, old people, uncles, and mothers-in-law to blame.”