Loan firm workers trade insults with stubborn debtor after locating his house (Watch video)

A funny video making the rounds on social media shows the moment staff of an online loan firm engaged in a verbal exchange with a client.

In a debt recovery mission which took place in Ghana, four workers tracked the debtor to his neighbourhood and drove there in their official vehicle.

However, when they reached his place of residence and caught him outside, he was not apologetic. He instead started to insult them and they returned the favour.

There was a heavy trading of cuss words and insults between the man and the four employees of the loan company.

In the viral video, he could be seen walking away from them as some followed closely and continued with the verbal attacks.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, baddo_star said; Adey feel this quick credit people pass if u like hide like what dem go barb u dawn time

je_suis_qwesipromise; The average Ghanaian have no intentions of paying back what they borrow. To get your money back, you either have to use rough tactics, be dirty, beg them or just record it as a bad debt/loss. It’s sad but it is what it is😭 Ghana for u😂😂😂

stefnie____; They should just stop giving out loans because nipa ny3 nipa biom o 🤣🤣🤣

humphrey_king_jr; This thing will be a big problem some day

bozrikki; People like that too much,they should pay their loans hoh

crocs.by.viasmas_2; Hw3 ! these people hm you haven’t seen anything yet am still surprise people still take money from them …

pkay_officialll; Ah this area looks familiar paa o

the_cloudsbest; I saw them today at choice area weija

qwaqu_owusu; The interest on their loans is huge so the market women end up running away the first two months payment.