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List of Toyota and Mercedes Benz cars you can buy from N700,000



If all you have is 1 million Naira or less, and you still hope to get a nice Toyota and Mercedes Benz cars that doesn’t look like something from the 80s and still in good condition. This article is really going to help you. It contains a list of Toyota and Mercedes Benz cars below 1million Naira in Nigeria. To save you time, you can find a lot of cheap cars for sale on, and these cars are in good condition too.

Carmart Automotive totally understand you’re on a tight budget. You’ve probably been checking out cars that you want but they are all expensive. And saving up to buy one of these cars could take you an eternity. It’s fine. You are covered with this article.

Mercedes Benz C200 2000

The Mercedes Benz line has established itself as the King of automobiles that people hardly expect to find an affordable Benz in the market. The car has been tagged elitist because of its strength, agility and durability. If you want a car that does not compromise its goal of luxury or performance, go for the Benz. Whether your preference is an SUV, a saloon car, a coupe, a crossover, a bus or a truck, the Mercedes Benz has you covered.

A Mercedes Benz C200 2005 can be bought for between N800,000 and N1,000,000 as a foreign used (Tokunbo) car. More list on

Toyota Corolla 2003

Without the slightest hint of a doubt, I know that you can still find a clean Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2003 model for sale. You just have to look in the right places.

This Toyota Corolla model can easily accommodate up to 5 people, counting the driver. Its fuel efficiency is superb and it is still being widely used in Nigeria. Because of its popularity, you can rest assured that maintaining them is a piece of cake.

The prices of a Nigerian Used Toyota Corolla 2003 model starts from N850,000.

Toyota Sienna 2000

If you’re looking for something big enough to accommodate you and your family and friends but you don’t want an SUV, a minivan is what you need. And in Nigeria here, the Toyota Sienna is the perfect and most popular example of a minivan. If you can find a neatly used Toyota Sienna for sale in Nigeria, you have a good deal in your hands.

The price of Toyota Sienna 2005 model ranges from N500,000 to N900,000.

Browse through a shortlist of Toyota Sienna prices here.

1997 – 2001 Toyota Camry

It is hard to discuss the Corolla and not mention the Camry, its twin-wonder of the car world. It is a loaded car; it combines efficiency, durability, style and fuel economy and can withstand tough road terrains.

More recent models have shown a unique ruggedness, terrific handling, and durability. A foreign used 1997-2001 model can be bought for between N500,000 and N800,000. is Nigeria’s No 1 online car marketplace that offers trusted, reliable, and cost-effective and quality vehicles. We pride ourselves as an online platform that offers a state-of –the-art medium for sellers and buyers of all kinds of vehicles to trade directly with each other. For those interested in selling vehicles, we provide trusted buyers. For buyers, we give them a wide range of trusted automobile options to choose from. We have a community of car lovers, while giving our users the best user experience.

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