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List of African Countries, Capitals and their Population



If we decide to give out a test to 1000 persons to list out all the countries in Africa, believe me, out of these 1000 persons, just 10 will manage to get it right. It’s quite unfortunate that some persons are not conversant with important things as knowing the countries in Africa. We are here to help you, so you won’t mess up when you are called upon to list the names of the countries in Africa.

Africa as a whole is made up of 54 officially recognized countries. Africa is the second largest continent in the world with over 1.1 billion people living on the continent. It is second only behind the highly populated Asian continent. Some people who haven’t been to Africa before still confuse this large continent as a country.

Despite the remarkable contributions of Africa, and the remarkable progress it has made, relatively little is known about Africa, her people, and culture outside of the continent. There is more to Africa than safari hunting, her poor public image and a history of the slave trade. Africa is only superseded by the Asian continent in terms of land mass and population.

Below is the list of the 54 countries in Africa and their capital cities with population;

1. Algeria

Capital city Algiers,
Population 40,100,000

2. Angola

Capital city Luanda
Population 25,326,000

3. Benin

Capital city: Porto-Novo
Population: 10,782,000

4. Botswana

Capital city Gaborone
Population 2,176,000

5. Burkina Faso

Capital city Ouagadougou
population 18,450,000

6. Burundi

Capital city Bujumbura
Population 9,824,000

7. Cameroon

Capital city Yaounde
Population 21,918,000

8. The Republic of Cape Verde

Capital city Praia
Population 525,000

9. The Central African Republic

Capital city Bangui
Population 4,900,000

10. Chad

Capital city N’Djamena
Population 13,675,000

11. Comoros

Capital city Moroni
Population 783,000

12. Democratic Republic of Congo

 Capital city Kinshasa
Population 77,267,000

13. Republic of Congo

Capital city Brazzaville
Population 4,706,000

14. Cote d’Ivoire

Capital city Yamoussoukro
Population 23,126,000

15. Djibouti

Capital city Djibouti
Population 961,000

16. Egypt

Capital city Cairo
Population 88,523,000

17. Equatorial Guinea

Capital city Malabo
Population 1,996,000

18. Eritrea

Capital city Asmara
Population 6,895,000

19. Ethiopia

Capital city Addis Ababa
Population 99,391,000

20. Gabon

Capital city Libreville,
Population 1,873,000[AdSense-A]

21. Gambia

Capital city Banjul
Population 2,022,000

22. Ghana

Capital city Accra
Population 27,414,000

23. Guinea

Capital city Conakry
Population 10,935,000

24. Guinea-Bissau

Capital city Bissau
Population 1,788,000

25. Kenya

Capital city Nairobi
Population 45,533,000

26. Lesotho

Capital city Maseru
Population 1,908,000

27. Liberia

Capital city Monrovia
Population 4,046,000

28. Libya

Capital city Tripoli
Population 6,278,000

29. Madagascar

Capital city Antananarivo
Population 23,043,000

30. Malawi

Capital city Lilongwe
Population 16,307,000

31. Mali

Capital city Bamako
Population 17,796,000

32. Mauritania

Capital city Nouakchott
Population 3,632,000

33. Mauritius

Capital city Port Louis
Population 1,263,000

34. Morocco

Capital city Rabat
Population 34,380,000

35. Mozambique

Capital city Maputo
Population 28,013,000

36. Namibia

Capital city Windhoek
Population 2,281,000

37. Niger

Capital city Niamey
Population 18,880,000

38. Nigeria

Capital city Abuja
Population 182,202,000[AdSense-A]

39. Rwanda

Capital city Kigali
Population 11,324,000

40. Republic Arab Saharawi Democratic

Capital city Aauin
Population 509,000

41. Sao Tome and Principe

Capital city Sao Tome
Population 194,000

42. Senegal

Capital city Dakar
Population 14,150,000

43. Seychelles

Capital city Victoria
Population 97,000

44. Sierra Leone

Capital city Freetown
Population 6,513,000

45. Somalia

Capital city Mogadishu
Population 10,972,000

46. South Africa

Capital City Pretoria (Executive), Bloemfontein (Judicial), Capetown (Legislative)
Population 54,957,000

47. South Sudan

Capital city Juba
Population 12,519,000

48. Sudan

Capital city Khartoum
Population 40,235,000

49. Swaziland

Capital city Lobamba (royal and legislative) Mbabane (Administrative)
Population 1,119,000

50. Tanzania

Capital city Dar es Salaam (Traditional capital) Dodoma (Location of the legislature)
Population 51,046,000

51. Togo

Capital city Lomé
Population 7,065,000

52. Tunisia

Capital city Tunis
Population 11,118,000

53. Uganda

Capital city Kampala
Population 37,102,000

54. Zambia

Capital city Lusaka
Population 15,474,000

55. Zimbabwe

Capital city Harare
Population 13,503,000

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