Life as a famous person comes with backlash, bullying – Influencer, Yomidun

Nigerian social media influencer, Aishat Raheem, also known as Yomidun, has said that being famous comes with peculiar challenges like bullying and negative comments.

She said that it however, does not deter her from being consistent in achieving her goals and focusing on positive reviews from fans.

The content creator, who stated this in an interview advised budding influencers to be tenacious and not allow rejection to make them give up on their dreams.

Yomidun, who is the sister of Lagos big girl, Papaya Ex, further said that she understands success to mean doing something authentic and finding ones purpose.

She said;“Being in the public eye comes with a lot of backlash, bullying and negative comments. Sometimes, people create and circulate rumours about one just to bring one down. However, I always remain consistent in achieving my goals. I only focus on the positive reviews and constructive criticisms to constantly improve.”

She added; “My advice to them is that they should be tenacious in building their brands, even when people don’t give them the chance to achieve their dreams. Everyone’s dream is valid if they remain consistent. I would also advise people to have role models that they can look up to for guidance and support.

“Success, to me, is doing what one loves and being authentic while at it. I believe one is successful when one has found one’s purpose, and commits one life to it.

“Being an influencer is a lot of work. First, I have to be creative to create contents for brands. I also have to book good locations, work with videographers, and also edit the videos.

“I use social media tools to make my work easier, but most times, it takes hours and several retakes to get the best 60 seconds video for a brand.

“Social media influencing is about marketing a brand to attract customers. It also creates more brand awareness, which enables customers to have more insights into the brand, and what the brand can achieve to satisfy their needs.”

Speaking on whether she had ever faced gender discrimination and sexual harassment, the social media influencer said;“I have not faced sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the course of my career. I have a management that represents me.”