Lekki girls no fit cook noodles – Reactions as little girl prepares food for her family (Video)

A video of a little Nigerian girl cooking for her family has sparked reactions on social media especially because she did so with so much skill.

She could be seen preparing pounded yam the local way and before making a pot of soup without any assistance from an adult.

The minor worked with so much energy and tirelessness that netizens began to think if she was truly a child while others said life turned her into an adult at a tender age.

In the video which has gone viral, she could be seen turning yam inside a pot in preparation to pound it for final consumption.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, mocheedy_ubah; Life has made her an adult at such age 😢

itsphayte; Too much energy my power no reach dis one ooooo

endylight1; Some Lekki girls left the group chat and deleted the admin. Lol. Good job my darling

africanflamingo_; Godbless her soul but not my child. Reasons why I hustle like a mad person so my kids won’t suffer

ammylovely5486392; See small girl dey cook yet lekki girls wey go ask man for 2 million no fit prepare indomin

symplydini; There is nothing wowing about this video, this is obviously child labour and the adult making the video? With the body size of this child, she’s obviously an under 10, what is the child doing in open fire, and that shit is extremely hot, what if it hurts her, we all just like normalizing suffering and unnecessary child labor, yes they are strong and hard working but this isn’t something that’s supposed to be normalized, there’s time and age for everything

success_james7; Omo na so children Dey do fufu for my village ooh them even Dey fry garri like only one of them go do all the process from going to farm to get cassava to pilling it to washing to take to the machine for grinding to filtering it then frying it omo village kids are strong 💪 ❤️❤️ may GOD bless them

aurdei_; U r not meant to be doing this at your age but for whatever reason, God bless and uplift u. It is well with you child ❤️❤️❤️

adelakuntufayl; Many Gen Z generation(both boys and girls) left the group chat. Anita will drop a quote now that: Poverty will make you do what adults are supposed to do. Aunty, don’t shift the conversation jare, can you cook? 😂😂😂

james_atumaa; Lolade Cooked just one pack of indomie with 7 sacks of pure water …at the best of the day it’s turned to water indomie pepper soup

In entertainment news, Nigerian movie star, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu recently said he longer eats food prepared by his wife, Stella Maris.

He made the revelation while responding to a question about how being poisoned in the past affected his relationship with people also in light of the recent issue with his wife.

Mr Ibu said he stopped eating her food after the incident where she clashed with him and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma over allegations that they were having an affair.

He said that he likes eating a lot but because he no longer trusts her, the only food he consumes now is the one cooked by his daughter.

The Nollywood veteran who has been married before said if he and Stella Maris end up getting divorced he won’t take another wife.