Lecturer abandons class as two students show up in ‘bandit’ outfit

Two students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Ondo State, caused fear and panic in their school with the way they chose to appear for a class presentation.

They stormed the school dressed up as bandits in camouflage with their faces covered in order to embody the topic.

It was learnt that the course lecturer gave a group the topic of terrorism to present on, so they decided to dress the part.

According to eyewitnesses, when the two young men arrived in the lecturer hall, everyone thought bandits had invaded the school.

The lecturer and students took to their heels at the same time, and as such a large crowd tried to pass through the narrow doors causing a stampede.

It was gathered that the lecturer disappeared and abandoned his students upon sighting the ‘terrorists’ unaware that they are his students.

According to an undergraduate who shared the viral video, many of the students sustained injuries and someone fainted.

The source said; ”So this is what happened yeah. We have political science presentation And a group was to present on terrorism they decided to do their presentation a different way

Like to portray the whole terrorism thing now So some guys came in from the back with uniform and guns and scarfs around their neck acting like terrorists which was unknown to everyone

Omo people ran out got injured, someone fainted me sef I ran under the chair started shouting blood of Jesus. My mind went straight up to the owo stuff, Class duh scatter sha because some people phones got spoilt in the process of “escaping” and sone got injured”

Watch the video below:

symplychi_oma; I trust my department nobody go remain Na for group chat them go take tell us say Na presentation 🤣🤣

meerah_cul; Omoh e reach to run 🏃‍♂️ Abeg cause there’s a difference between Gone too soon, Painful Exit & Glorious Exit.🤌🏼😹

taarriiqqqq; Well with the publicity this has gotten….some negative fallback is expected. I trust our wise FG to pick this up soon and possibly blow it out of proportion

1_somto; They presented their point even without saying a word. 100/100💐

thefoodnetworknig2; Why did they wear camo though? Isn’t that Army uniform? Double wahala 😂

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