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Lagos school sends JSS2 student home for having Peter Obi sticker on her bag

A student of Odomola Junior Secondary School, Epe in Lagos state has reportedly been sent home because she came to school with a bag bearing the poster of Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

The JSS2 student identified as Barinada Marvelous was given an exit form to leave the school because she violated the instructions that Lagos state government allegedly gave schools in the state.

This was made known by a source from the school who craved anonymity, and shared a photo of the exit form.

According to the paper, the principal of Odomola Junior Secondary School directed Marvelous to go home and campaign for Obi, because it is ‘against the wish of Lagosians.’

The source said; “Can you imagine one of our members daughter was sent out of school because she has Peter Obi sticker on her bag and an exit form was given to her in Epe”

The action of the school administrator sparked mixed reactions as many said there should be sanctions while others said it is not right to allow students take political stickers to school.

@MargaretUfeli; The matter is real, the signature is that of the principal and am in Epe too, the father told me

@maaziakuchie; Lagos is gradually losing its aura, and what makes it special. Lagosians are allowing APC gangs give it a bad name.

@punditalasakasa; The decision is not acceptable but the idea of that bag can raise lots of distraction in the class.

@Temsdej; If this is really confirmed to be true, we’ve a serious problem on our hands it won’t just end with this election

@oladayovincent; Haa my generation..we just believe everything we see online hook and sinker, no due diligence… nobody actually cared to know if this is propaganda..why can’t we just ask someone to go the school, find out and escalate this matter on all platforms if it were to b true

@RealChris_ng; Will that child be safe after this?? Just asking because anyone willing to do this to a child can’t be trusted with children

@nkechi_first; It seems reasonable that students should avoid wearing or bringing items that display political affiliations at school. Where I live, a similar policy is in place regarding football. Students are prohibited from wearing or bringing items that represent football clubs to school

@AkunnaBrown; Its so uncalled for….so sum1 cant do a free and fair election

@Akdiamond4fcb; It is so wrong of the school to send the student out of school when they could have just removed the sticker, it is also an irresponsible act for parent to put sticker of any political party on a secondary school student bag.

@BolanleA4; What manner of nonsense is this? @jidesanwoolu your strategy to win the election is going to backfire on you. You have threatened traders, teachers & civil servants to vote by force for APC. This intimidation has to stop! If you performed well in Lagos, people will vote for you.