Lady who’s never used new phone gives testimony in church as husband buys her brand new iPhone 12

A Nigerian woman has shared a testimony in church about how her husband upgraded her phone status to an iPhone user.

She revealed that ever since she started using phones, she’s owned a brand new phone as it was always the ones her kids used they hand down to her.

However, during the recent Valentine’s Day, she got a surprise gift from her husband that warmed her heart.

The woman said during the testimony that she went from a fairly used iPhone 7 to having a brand new iPhone 12.

She expressed thanks God for blessing her with a supportive husband and also thanked her hubby for changing her status.

She said; “I want to thank God for giving me a supportive husband. All my phones I’ve been using, they’ve always been hand me downs from my kids. When my kids upgrade their phone, they give the old one to me.

“So that’s what I use, I don’t have like a new phone. On Valentine’s morning, there was a gift for me near my laptop so I opened it from my husband and it was a brand new iPhone 12. I went from an iPhone 7 straight to an iPhone 12. This is the first time I’ve got a brand new phone. So I just thank my husband for that.”

Watch video below:

In reaction, luxury_hair_corner said; That’s so sweet of you. Grateful even in small things

lbailey4jm; It’s the smile your face for me! Husband must have felt like a giant watching this. God bless your union!

gulaemiko; You are a sweet and kind lady. I loved the OBVIOUS gratitude. God bless you

nasimiyu_lyne; Awww God I pray that when sending your son to me please let him be supportive and a giver to me lol

oluwatobi_everyday; Ati husband, ati family…. God bless you all! Continue the lords work! 👏👏👏