Lady who sponsored her education via farming celebrates after graduating

A Kenyan lady, Naom Kemunto has shared photos to mark her upward trajectory in life following her graduation from the university.

The young woman revealed that she worked on the farm in other to train herself through school and she recently bagged her degree.

Naom Graduate

The first image posted on Twitter (X) showed her working on a farmland, while the accompanying picture captured her in a graduation gown.

Naom Kemunto lady graduate

Nao captioned; “Me hustling for my school fee Vs me graduating ❤️”

See the post:

Naom Kemunto

@RonohClinton; Woow beautiful, congratulations 👏💪

@eduzmi; Congratulations are in order 👏🏾

@RodgersKipembe; Congratulations

@CaptainDominicO; Now you are my type.

@omorogiec; This is an encouragement to us. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Meanwhile, in other news…

A Nigerian lady who graduated with a first class in Engineering has revealed how she strived to be the best in her class after losing her parents in the first year.

Kinfeosioluwa Akin-Ibisagba emerged the Best Graduating Student of the Department of Civil Engineering, Covenant University in 2021 with a 4.92 CGPA. She said her mother passed away first then her dad followed shortly and it pushed her into depression.

However, the graduate said she overcame the grief and made sacrifices in order to have a stellar academic performance. According to Kinfeosioluwa, there was a need to prove to her sponsors that their investment in her was not a wasted one.

I lost my mother and shortly after, my dad also followed. This was during the first semester of my first year at CU. Through the family drama, depression and silent tears at night, God promised to see me through.

I had not even recovered from the loss of my mum when I lost my dad. It was tough for me because we were very close. I didn’t even know how my life would be after that. Even my other family members were worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope. But I had to be strong.

When one has a clear focus on a dream, one will make sure nothing comes between one and that dream. It was always my dream to get good grades and make my family proud. I knew that I couldn’t be like other students. I had to work extra hard. It isn’t every day you get to see someone who schools at Covenant University.

So, I knew the sacrifices my sponsors made to get me into a private university and I had to pay them back with nothing less than good grades. I deprived myself of pleasure and a lot of other things other students would do to make sure I never derailed. Was it tough? Well, I would say it was. Was it worth it? Of course, it was, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else.