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Lady who runs cleaning agency storms busy road with placard, begs people to ‘rent a maid’



A lady has sparked mixed reactions after she took to the streets of South Africa to advertise her business which renders cleaning services.

She hit a busy road, carrying a placard and revealed that she owns a cleaning agency and is in need of people to rent the maids under her employ.

The young entrepreneur pleaded for support while standing in traffic and holding up the sign with her contact details boldly written on it.

The write-up on her sign read; ”I have cleaning company, please support me by renting a maid”.

A Twitter user who spotted her decided to post a photo ofthe woman and wrote; Retweet for Awareness.

Social media users were swift to react to the woman’s marketing strategy, and some made some corrections, particularly on her use of rent instead of hire.

@Thuto_97; First mistake calling people maids…

@siwapiwebadi; Please try using the word Hire a maid.. even if its for a day.. its still hiring.. Rent is just not right.. they’re are not your property

@Sili_kay; Support “Me” by renting a maid. What a bad marketing strategy.

@MechIndustries; Sad that dakkies continue to be cleaners (through companies now). Is that all the economy has for us?

@smawa2; This is using foriegn nationals to make money. Rent a maid, what is that.?? With the littl they earn u still wanna be the middle man.

@Cliffor76056889; People have to realise that standing in the middle of road is not safe, you are in danger of been hit. This must not be condoned everytime

Meanwhile a young lady has taken pride in revealing the type of job she does to survive while staying in a foreign nation.

The happy woman celebrated her growth from being a housemaid to working as a cleaner in Qatar.

Taking to her TikTok account, @shamiamuts, she disclosed that she previously worked as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia.

According to the post, the lady decided to go home and rest because working as a domestic worker was strenuous.

She apparently chose not to return to the househelp work after getting some much needed rest, rather, she flew to Qatar where she landed the cleaning job. Excited about her new status, she appreciated God for being there for her.

@shamiamuts shared some pictures of herself in a video-reel which also contained write-ups narrating her story.

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