Lady who married man when he was living in modest house shows off their new mansion

A Nigerian woman has gone online to celebrate the growth and progress in her family after years of toiling together with her husband.

She revealed that when she got married to him, he was living in a humble old bungalow, however, after years into the marriage they now have their own house.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the happy wife showed off the new mansion from when it was being built up till its completion.

The couple have moved into the new home with their kids and she felt the need to give God thanks for his blessings..

She could be seen dancing with her children and taking a tour of the beautifully decorated house. A part of the clip showed the woman giving her husband a deep hug.

Watch the video below:

king__raz; Some women can bring a man instant breakthrough 👏🏾

marshall0071; E sure me say this woman Dey give the man rest of mind na why the man prosper fiam😂

officialmayorspeaks; All the advice in this comment section will last me for the next 100years of my life.

chiamaka_oa; It’s definitely an Igbo man cuz what’s with the interior?

official_wendy__; Don’t look down on any man ladies,except he’s not a hustler…Once he is and you too ain’t lazy,you guys can make it big together..Know be everyone is destined to marry Odogwu,ask some Odogwu how they started..Shalom 🙌

adiesbluebitee; Remain Ring light Tiktok go make sense for this house… Congrats to them ❤️

itz_khizdonsir_official; This is a lie 😂 I know this gal …. Chaii . She married the man rich now … Omo , believe Instagram and TikTok people at ur own risk sha 😂😂 Like , Jeez!!! Na so e Dey be ?😂😂

roland_yrn; Tell me how divorce will happen in this kind marriage?

ebineyin_hushpuppi; Now they go say woman are behind successful man 😌😌. Na woman Dey ruin my own life.

wgmakeupartistry; This is a motivation to young ladies, do not despise that little beginning… so far he is hardworking and has a prospect, u guys will make it big.. jst give it TIME. ❤️

shuga_1019; No be to say congrats ooo. If she wasn’t patient and didn’t believe in him she for no Dey enjoy now. 90% of you ladies saying congrats here will never ever be married to the first house she was married to. And you know. Argue with your gods. PEACE.

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