Lady unable to find husband years after dumping boyfriend for ‘moving slower than her’

A Nigerian lady has reportedly remained single years after breaking up with her boyfriend because she felt he was what she wanted for marriage.

According to a Twitter user, @jayhansome, the lady graduated two years before her boyfriend, and shortly after, dumped him on the basis that her life was moving faster than his.

She said she could not wait for the time it would take him to also get his degree, find a job and then come marry her.

Jayhansome said his friend is now happily married with two children while his ex-girlfriend is yet to find a husband.

He wrote; “My friend’s gf graduated 2yrs before him (though he’s older). She ended the relationship because “my life is moving faster than his own” and she couldn’t wait for him to graduate, get a job and come marry her. My friend is married with 2 kids now,hanty is still single!!!”

@akpaka_igbo; You no go too blame her na, the love of a man is provision, the love of a woman is submission, provision makes submission easy

@fredrickOsha; She’s was looking for that one in a million man to marry her while eligible bachelors where passing and saying hi.

@b_fasuyi; Are you sure you aren’t referring to my cousin ’cause this is what happened to him too. Babe even added jara by telling him “he has no future ambition”.

@Basil_Uka; The babe that broke up with me in 2016 cos she doesn’t want to waste time is still single.

@SamuelOyinloy13; But Sir JD lessons has already occured, she left him when she felt she was better than him. Thank God the guy’s doing okay now.

In related news, a young lady has revealed via social media that she dumped her man after she graduated from college.

She took to her Twitter account @_RaaayT and said the reason she ended their relationship was because she realised he was not on her level.

According to the woman, he was also not trying to level up or improve himself so she had to cut ties with him after getting a degree.

She said that she did not see the need for them to still be in the same space for much longer after school.

Ray, however, did not reveal whether he was a school dropout, uneducated or working in unskilled labour sector.

She wrote; “I just graduated from college and I realized a nigga was not on my level and wasn’t trying to be. You can’t help a nigga who doesn’t want to help themselves. I had a major wake up call, just getting a degree, there was no need for him to be in my space any longer.”