Lady throws husband out of the house because he refused to adopt her kids (Video)

An African American man has gone online to cry out for help because his wife kicked him out of the house for refusing to adopt her kids.

She threw his belongings out of the house because he declined to file the paper work to legally adopt her kids from past relationship.

He shared a video showing the moment she was packing his clothes out of the house and he protested but she refused to listen to his pleas.

The frustrated man said he will not give into her request because she wants to use it as an avenue to take his money.

In the video, she could be seen moving into and out of the room carrying his clothes gradually, but he aid he will not touch any of them because she will buy new ones for him.

Watch the video below:

oluwakemi_ogunleyee; I’m so disgusted! The only thing he is worried about is his money ?? Not the woman or the future of the kids that’s just so annoying.

uriah_pretty; The man is the problem

stephenramos4; It’s always black women 🤦‍♂️

hrh_kingdiamond; U can’t want a woman and not want her baggages. She can’t be without her kids getting a secured future

pearlkeegz; I dey shame for some guys…Why you go dey woman house?

pretti.isa_icy; She is hot she go find another husband

annirishphilips; She trying to take all your money 👀 dude you Dont even have your own house 😂 so which money are you talking about delusional at it’s highest.

kingadeola; Lol, someone will now be asking why dating a single mother is a red flag, just dey play, dey play! INTENTIONAL MEN 😂😂😂

utobaby; I don’t even know what to say , but she can’t just leave her kids hanging like that na, if you love her, why not love her kids as well, I’m just seeing lack of trust he’s being careful.

lookingforthewitch; Stop hobosexual relationship una no go hear, well abj guys left the group chat and block admin

ferraribongkem; A woman should move in with you, not the other way around biko.

olanrewajuadeyemo; Don’t the kids have a father, you all coming to say blah blah. It’s his choice she is I. His house doing nothing. That’s not a responsible woman

soupweysweetinawka; Why is he complaining? You made your choice and she is not allowed to make hers?😂

mollijudy; Adoption and accepting is different shaaa. Adoption is actually a different ball game. You can love n care for them without adoption.