Lady takes birthday gift to her mechanic boyfriend at his workshop (Video)

A young lady dating a man who is a mechanic surprised him on his birthday by carrying a gift to his workshop.

She showed up unannounced with a cake while he was working and it was a romantic sight to behold.

His colleagues appeared to be more excited than the birthday boy as they are the ones who were screaming excitedly.

In a video which has gone viral, the lady who was shy hid her face from the camera as her man approached her to collect the item.

“Him babe carry cake come give am for workshop oh,” one of his colleagues said.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, official_jimcally said; Love no hard to find na you they find money bag 😂

nathanielvibe; Love no hard to find.. na you dey find pablo richie😒

endylight1; At this point I want to be a Mechanic and not a baller. Love is sweet jare

smith__peterson9; All this kind girl no pass two for Lagos 😹

kofankii; Any single mechanic here…willing to go into a relationship….no fear birthday cake sure🥹

egbe_osas2; Well I don’t think this is love. Maybe she’s showing appreciation for what the guy has done for her. I know love when I see it 😂.

In related content, a young lady known as humancentipeachh on TikTok has narrated how she shared some private things with her bestfriend only for her to use it and try to snatch her man.

She revealed that she wanted to buy some gifts for her boyfriend’s birthday and she decided to show the items to her bestie.

However, the bestfriend went behind her back and bought every item on the list, which she then rushed to present to her friend’s boyfriend as birthday gifts before the girlfriend got the chance to do same.

Though the girlfriend was confused as to the reason her friend did that, she surprisingly expressed thanks for helping her to save money.

”When I showed my bestfriend the list of gifts I planned on getting my man for his birthday and she bought all of the items and gifted it to him before me”, humancentipeach wrote.

She added; ”I got to save my money so thanks I guess😂”

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