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Lady stranded at airport after spending N144,000 to meet online lover



A 23-year-old lady identified as Jasmine Triggs, flew over 1,500 miles to meet a man she had kicked it off with online, and dreamt of meeting after one week of constant chats.

Triggs was devastated after the man named Jamal blocked her number as soon as she stepped on the plane. She ended up stranded at the airport in Huston, Texas.

The beautiful lady who was looking for love paid $380 (N144,400) for the five-hour trip to meet her new ‘bae”.

“I was talking to this guy for about a week and he asked me to come out to Texas. We were talking to the morning I was due to go. We were talking and talking every day., about where he went to school, how he had been a cheerleader and had a robotics company. I liked him.

“We had been getting to know each other. He was asking me sexual stuff and he was saying he couldn’t wait to see me and that he had cleaned his living room for me,” The Sun quoted Triggs.

According to a now-deleted tweet, Trigg said they met through a mutual friend who introduced them to each other in an iMessage group chat.

The businesswoman who owns a bakery said that as she landed at the airport, her mystery man was nowhere to be found and on trying to contact him, she discovered he had already blocked her.

“When I was on the plane, all my messages were sent to everyone apart from him so he had obviously blocked me. I did not hear from him all morning and once I landed, I called him, but I realised he had blocked my number and I was panicking,” she said.

She was lucky to find an old friend who lived around and sought refuge in her house for a few days.

Jasmine warned those in similar blind date situations against meeting with people they have never met.

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