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Lady starves for days after fiancé of 5 years left her to marry another lady



A lady has been left with a health condition after she went on a hunger strike because her fiancé broke up with her and moved to someone else.

A Pharmacist known on Twitter as @MrMekzy_ shared the sad story while begging men to take it easy with how they break women’s heart.

He revealed how the lady in question lost her appetite for three months and became anorexic.

She and her fiance were engaged for five years but he left her to marry another lady almost immediately after the breakup.

Mekzy, who made this known on August 11, revealed that the heartbroken girl had not eaten since Monday, 8th August, making it a total of four days that she starved.

He said the lady’s mum is worried of how she’s reacting to the heartbreak and the way it is affecting her health.

”Men you people should take it easy with women’s hearts cos it’s really not fair. This lady has lost appetite for about 3 months and is looking anorexic cos she was served breakfast by her fiancé of 5 years who married another woman almost immediately. Her mum is so worried cos she’s not had anything to eat since in Monday. Omo!😞”, he tweeted.

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In reaction, @OlysarP said; When my ex served me breakfast, I thought I will be alone forever, and then I found another sweet soul, so since then I know I will surviving losing anybody in my relationship. So she doesn’t need drugs, let her play Ekwueme song and Asamkpokoto by Psquare (2×2)

@d_techbro; Breakfast on men & breakfast on women, arguably the same pain, but hardly the same effect. Women are more emotional, & that makes it dangerous for them. Which kind 5 years breakfast be this nah!

@blvck_Witch; It’s a sad place to be in really. It’s so unfair and wicked. I pray she finds herself again cause Omo! It’s alot to take in.

@MrMekzy; Omo the girl was looking like she was going to disappear and her mum was really worried. Had to refer them to see a doctor and a therapist.😞

@chidi_adaugo; I never see the heartbreak that will make me not to eat, id swallow eba by 9pm, then close the door and be crying, then wake up the next day with swollen eyes and be making indomie and egg, as my eyes dey swell from cdy, my belle dey swell from overeating😩

@jsewenmi; Any relationship beyond 18months without proposal or introduction, ladies checkout. Trust me ladies men know what we want before 6months.

@Lara_oni_Gifts; But would it make sense to just be jumping from one person to another in a space of 6mons- 1year Ontop the person is not ready? Maybe men can do that, it’s hard for some of us ooo.

@_BenjaminHelen; Dear Men, if you know you don’t have a future with her,don’t give here fake hopes. Dear Women, do not make assumptions that he will marry you just because you two have been dating for more than a year. Ask him questions,talk it out, Defined your relationship.

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