Lady spots her secondary school head boy working as POS operator

A Nigerian lady revealed that she just discovered the kind of job the head boy at her former secondary school is now doing.

In a post on her social media page @whatscukinbaby said she saw her ex-head boy working as an operator at a Point of Sale (POS) stand.

She made fun of his hustle while recalling how he used to see look down on people in school back in those days.

According to her, the guy saw a every body as unserious people and he often went round school with shoulders high and interacted with sound use of the English language.

The lady shared a video on TikTok where she noted that she expected him to be doing better because of the way he paraded himself.

“Omo I see head boy for my secondary school back then. Weyrey think say I don forget him face. With all the English for school back then, so na POS you go do last last weyrey,” she said.

When a follower asked her the reason for making jest, she responded;

“Head boy wey Dey always look everybody as unserious person.”

See the post:


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Legendary Nigerian actor, Nkem Owoh has said he turned down requests for him to join politics because he wants to avoid getting infected by the ‘disease’ affecting Nigeria’s political system.

Owoh, popularly known as Osuofia, said people tried to lure him into politics, but he refused to listen despite their appeals.

Speaking in an interview, the movie star said prefers using his personality to make people happy than to become a politician.

The Nollywood veteran who, described himself as a fearless person also spoke on the forthcoming election.

Owoh said; “I will just go and vote. I have tried to reject Nigerian politics in its entirety even though I know there are still some good people inside the polity, but the system is like a diseased mesh.

“People have tried to draw me into politics but I know that if I put my head into it, I will be infected with the disease and I don’t want it. So, I prefer to stay at the flank. The country will become better when we have reasonable leadership in all directions. And soon it is going to come because I can see the rumples.

“My neck cannot carry it (politics). The thing is, I like where I can smile; you see that I am smiling and you are smiling. Also, I travel and move out alone as I am not afraid of anything. If I were to be in politics, I would have probably gotten to the height where I would be afraid and I don’t want to be afraid.”

On the matter of the film industry’s growth, he said it was initially bedeviled by lack of finance and recognition by relevant authorities, however, the trajectory had changed because policymakers had started recognising Nollywood and its practitioners.

“The film industry, and the entertainment industry generally, you don’t see quarrels between them but go to the political field and you will see the mesh.

“Generally, in the film industry today we have the problem of finance and the problem of recognition by policymakers. But now, the policymakers know us because we contribute to the GDP of the country. The policymakers are now looking into this direction knowing that this is one of the sources of making money apart from oil,” he said.