Lady sparks mixed reactions for pounding yam during first visit to man’s house

A Nigerian lady stirred a debate online after she revealed that she prepared food for a man who’s was yet to be her boyfriend.

The young woman known as Tunmishe said that they were in the talking stage and she visited his apartment in Yaba, Lagos state.

She said that he was craving pounded yam so she decided to prepare it for him, only to later discover that he was engaged.

Tunmishe wrote; “Randomly remembered when a guy I was with in a talking stage invited me to his place in yaba and he was craving pounded yam and I made it. Just to find out he has a babe abi fiancee Imao”

@gynola_ola; What’s that thing they use to pound yam called? So the guy has it at home?

@dan0ny_; Do things out of good will not out of gain.

@iam_samorai; Nobody send you make am. Unfortunately, it has happened, it has happened. Just be careful out there in the dating space cause…hmmm. Things aren’t what we think they are anymore.

@MarcLexy; Moi moi and pounded should not be what you are making for someone if not out of goodwill

@Pascal649004581; Nothing wrong here. The only issue was that she did it with the intention of things getting serious and it didn’t. I cook for myself and guests, nothing wrong with it.

@ifeoluwa_NT_ife; You eat or you no eat ?? Na both of you downed the pounded yam now.