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Lady sparks mixed reactions after claiming to have graduated with 0.5 GPA



A young lady has announced her graduation from college with details of her academic grade that sparked debate online.

She shared a photo of herself in graduation gown via @ExquisiteWill on Twitter and disclosed that she graduated despite having 0.5 GPA.

The excited graduand said that she also had a total of 295 absences in school and straight F’s, though she did clarify it happened in a particular level or throughout her time in college.

She tweeted;

”295 absences

0.5 GPA

No scholarships

Straight F’s


After social media users dragged her and expressed doubt, saying that there is no way she could have graduated with that grade, she admitted it was all cruise and said her what she got is 4.05.

See her post:

Read comments below..

@Adi43331807; Why would you lie? I really had hope I’d make it too and then you go “it’s a joke” thanks

@Jerzeytwigga; A 0.5 must just mean you paid ya tuition. You paid, they accepted, those ain’t degrees, those are receipts lol

@Zhyzenbaga; Yeah that’s a fat cap. I got a B and it dropped to a D once for missing too many classes. Yep, had to retake the entire class over to get that C to pass.

@Juxtaroberto; I think she’s lying. Most programs will kick you out before you ever get that low.

@Jaye04; Summa Cum Laude – pretty sure that isn’t .5 GPA I think someone is making a funny. Congratulations!!!

@AffairDivas; It’s the total honesty for me,, many of you have negative comments and can’t even commit to trying to put forth effort.

@Erudite6; Congratulations, I see those cords! Smart girl with a sense of humor! Keep up the great work #sumacumlaude

@ChanelOA87; I don’t think I would be proud of all those stats.

@Mr_viss; You didn’t graduate. They jst sent u out of the school. U are prolly taking up uneccesary space in school

@vabaddie; A degree is a degree the fact you reached this culmination is amazing as a college grad that road is HARD ASF!

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