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Lady shows off the card and romantic items she received from her man who’s in a US prison



A South African lady identified as Zandile Gura, has taken to social media to gush over a recent lovely gesture from her man who is in prison.

According to the young woman, despite the fact that her man is in a federal prison in the United States, and she is in South Africa, he was still able to send some flowers to her.

Zandile also received a card and teddy bear which she showed off on her Twitter page.

Her lover also wrote a short note on the card which hinted that no matter how far apart they are, he would still find a way to reach her.

The inscription reads; ”I Told You I Was Going To Find You”

She shared a photo of the card and captioned;

”My man who is in a federal prison in the United States , sent me flowers today”

See below:

While the lady saw it as a romantic gesture, social media users felt differently as they expressed concern for her safety.

@RoriMpembe wrote; Am I the only person freaking out on Zandile’s behalf

@Oyisa_Mabitsela; The message on the card got some serious cereal killer vibes or some shxt

@uPhumelelen; How did he find you sis?

@ssbo; There’s something creepy about that message yikes Flushed face I would fear for my life!

@Chrisblin; Prisoners are lonely people and have all the time in the world to be romantic and all he could come up with is this short, serial killer like note? Come on man.

@molematz; There’s a code in the message to the treasure where he hid the fortunes…

@Tshenoo_; You gave him your address?

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