Lady shows new Naira note which faded after unknowingly being washed in clothes

A Nigerian woman has revealed what became of a new 500 naira note after it was accidentally washed.

She said her sister forgot the newly redesigned note in her pocket and washed it only to later see the money totally bleached.

The lady known as Chinazo took to her Twitter account to share a picture of the note which had become faded and raised concerns.

She wrote; “So my sis forgot the new currency in her pocket and washed it, this is what it turned out to! If rain drenches you and this money is your only hope, you’d be stranded!”

See the post:

A tweep @RareMitchel wrote; I don’t wantu accuse you of telling a lie but it has to be… U lying

But she responded; Get one, wash it and then come back to your reply.

In related content, a Nigerian lady boarded a commercial bus while heading to work and paid with the newly released N1000 note but it was rejected.

CorrectNG reports that the Central Bank of Nigeria released the N200, N500, and N1000 notes to banks on December 15, 2022.

The new and old notes are allowed to be used for transactions until 31st January 2023, when the old naira notes would cease to be valid.

The passenger was left stranded because the bus conductor insisted that he would not collect the money as he wasn’t sure it is real or fake.

She claimed not to have any other money on her apart from the new N1,000 and this caused some delay as she could not drop and they could not move forward either.

A video making the rounds online shows passengers confused as the two of them continued to exchange words over the money’s authenticity.

Someone asked the conductor if he is not aware that there are new naira notes in circulation, in responded that he does not know the one the woman wanted to pay him with.

The person then gave him the old 1k note and the conductor said he recognises it even if his eyes were closed.

He wanted the female passenger to alight from his bus and enter another one but a man sitting beside her came to her defence and wondered why he was rejecting it.

The conductor then had no other choice than to collect it and he went to ask some of hi colleagues if it is real money.

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