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Lady shows how she leaves enough cooked food in boyfriend’s fridge to chase away side chics



A young Nigerian lady, Bassey Phayvor has shared what may just be the newest style of preventing side chics and mistresses from warming their way into a man’s heart.

She revealed that she leaves her boyfriend’s fridge fully packed with food whenever she is going back home, and it helps to fend off any other girl.

In a video she posted online, Phayvor could be seen preparing a native Yoruba delicacy known, Efo riro and stew with chicken.

She then proceeded to package the meals into different plastic plates and put them inside the refrigerator.

Speaking on the effect her action would have, the lady said that it will prevent any lady who is not her boyfriend’s mother to come and cook for him.

Also, as she was packing the stew, her boyfriend returned and started heaping praises on her.

See the clip below:


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In other news a lady known as Favour, has shared the surprisingly positive culture shock that hit her when she attended a church service in Canada.

The young woman said it was her first time going to the church in Toronto and she was amazed to see that free food was in abundance.

Favour said when she reached the location of New Life Church, she observed that it noiseless and did not have speakers mounted outside like churches in Nigeria.

In a video posted online, she narrated how they were told after communion to go downstairs for fellowship. But she did not know that the ‘fellowship’ meant free food.

On reaching the lower deck, Favour was marvelled to see different kinds of meals and edible items laid out on a big table.
She got a plate and was served brownies which she said tasted like bean cakes and spring rolls. Moving on Favour was then permitted to serve herself from the remaining items on the table.

The lady said it was so nice that she a second round, after which she was given a lift home and they asked that she joins them next Sunday.

To which she hilariously responded that she would definietly come back to the church the following week.

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