Lady shows her school in Dubai where students drive G-Wagon, Lamborghini (Video)

A lady studying at a private school in Dubai, UAE has set the internet abuzz after giving an insight into the elitist nature of the institution.

She showed off the car park on campus which displayed a range of exotic and luxurious cars owned by students.

The cars she showed off in a viral video include Lamborghini, Ferrari, G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz Range Rover, Porsche amongt others.

The content sparked a debate about how a common man would feel if he were to gain admission into the school pon scholarship.

Students were seen getting into their expensive rides after classes as driving off as the lady subtly bragged about the quality of school she attends.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, nez3rr said; I wonder what the teachers are driving

oluwadamilare_bg; I will definitely accept the admission and boom 💥 I roll wit the doings

mz_babssss_; Na the same oil Nigeria get this people get. Make una allow old men steal una mandate o

sleekwears39; Because their government has shared wealth almost equally

abz33_; No disturb yourself oo They work and pay taxes for most of this cars infact some of them na loan dem use buy am.. at the end of the day if you can’t pay up dubai government collect the ownership and then auction it.. Check on them after 8 months most of dem go don dey drive bicycles.. it all for fun

crownoloniyo; Even the school fees it’s all free so far u r local indigene

anams_spice; Yea it’s correct but they students are mostly “LOCALS” of this country

ola_gk1; Na this kind school I wan go 😢

wunmi.diva; Oppression ke Sebi na to make friends with one of them make them buy one for me too😉

kesiesima_; I will gladly accept admission and use my networking well. I see opportunities here, not even oppression

_igwemoney; What exactly do they want to learn in school

iamhaywiz; A wise man will accept and be sure if you roll with successful people you’ll become one at the end of the day

king_bino011; If na Nigeria this school Dey , na everyday efcc go Dey patronize them .. Nigeria can’t let there citizens grow.