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Lady shares WhatsApp chat of a girl ridiculing her brother after finding out he uses iPhone 6 not iPhone 11 like she thought



A young lady identified as @Halimamamass on Twitter has taken to the microblogging platform to share a conversation between her brother and a girl via WhatsApp.

She expressed disgust at how the girl ridiculed her brother after discovering that the iPhone she saw on his status does not belong to him.

She sent him a message and revealed that his number was gotten from a friend, after which she asked the type of phone he uses.

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When he revealed that he uses an iPhone, she questioned him about the iPhone 11 he posted on WhatsApp status and he said that it belongs to a friend.

She then belittled him saying that she thought he was financially buoyant.

@Halimamamass shared the screenshot with the caption;

”Lmaoo this one texted my brother. Girls are mad fr

I saw a chat on my brother’s status and I asked is it real

He said yes

Then he send a screen record of their chat”

Read the chat below:

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