Lady shares message she got from Paul Okoye insulting her for trolling his partner

A Nigerian lady identified as Oluchi Sonia Okwenna, has called out Afropop singer, Paul ”Rudeboy” Okoye for allegedly sliding into her DM to insult her.

The musician had earlier shared some photos of ladies trolling his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma and Oluchi was among the lineup.

He mocked them for talking down on his girlfriend’s appearance when they were not better looking than her.

Hours later, Oluchi went on Twitter and shared screenshots of messages she got from him where he decided to insult her directly via Instagram.

The woman, who noted that she is a fan, expressed shock that a celebrity, who happens will bring himself so low as to go to someone’s private message and blast them.

In the chat, he make jest of her for living in a dirty apartment while trolling people.

She wrote; ”I can’t believe what just happened! iamkingrudy, Paul of Psquare, sent me DMs to insult me. See naw. The fact that he called my Room dirty and ugly shows that he spent a good amount of time on my Page 🤣

The funniest part is that, he has never responded nor reacted to any of the Videos I have made of his Songs for which. I usually share to my Instastory and he views them but my few replies to some of the Comments under his most recent Posts about his new Girl led him to my DM to come and blast me with insults. I am actually happy about it, I didn’t know I am that relevant

Wawuuu Mr Paul, you blew my mind tonight. You see, those Replies of mine had nothing to do with you specifically but to cheating Husbands, generally. I have always fought every concept that disregards Women and I will continue to fight it till my last breath.

One Woman is enough for one Man, if God thought otherwise, he would have made two Eves for Adam so there’s no justification for Husbands that cheat on their Wife or worse still, marry a 2nd, 3rd, 4th Wife, it is inhumane!

Small abuse of power that you Men would receive from Uniform Men, we won’t hear word but you want Women to accept that they have to share you with other Women simply because you have a d***? There’s no Woman of Value who would accept such. It’s barbaric and torturing. I would rather die single than share my Husband with other Women, God forbid! So my dear King Rudy, don’t take it Personal. And thank you for giving me this spotlight.”

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