Lady shares her astonishing one-year transformation

A Sierra Leonean woman has taken to social media to show off her physical transformation which amazed people.

She shared photos of herself on Twitter which captured when she was obese in the past and a more trimmed figure in the present.

According to the lady known as Belmont Blaze, she underwent the transformation within a year. But she did not reveal the secret behind her weight loss.

However, she said that she is proud of herself and the year 2022 was all about personal growth.

Sharing the photos, Belmont wrote; “Before vs After. 2022 was the year for personal growth. I’m proud.”

See the post:

Reacting, @majesty_md said; You look way more beautiful in the after picture. Great work baby girl… so proud of you, rock your new look

@Michael_OK_Anyi; How are people doing this? I’ve even started drinking green tea. Every attempt at shedding weight gives me the reverse result.

@WaviesWrld; Not knocking ur progress or anything but you was pressure in the before pic…

@nylah_jc; The way men are now attacking her and saying she looked better before, niggas are truly never satisfied 😭 Ladies, never do anything to change yourself for them, you are the only opinion that matters

@asterismms; These comments did not pass the vibe check AT ALL! I’m proud of you for accomplishing the goal that you set for yourself so ignore all the negativity! 🤍

@lachocella; You look great either way. Just a BEAUTIFUL woman. So PLEASE spill on how you did it, because even air makes me fat

In entertainment news, Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada has announced that she is actively looking for a sugar daddy with rare qualities to take care of her.

She said the man must be God-fearing and should be prepared to place her on a monthly salary of $100,000.

Ifu Ennada took to her social media page to make public her search for the sugar daddy and list what she expects.

The reality star said he must be ready to date her without getting intimate because she is a virgin.

She also said she is looking forward to getting the passwords for his phone, ATM cards and social media accounts.

Furthermore, the BBNaija 2018 contestant stressed that she does not want a sugar daddy whi has baby mama or ex-wife baggage.

Ifu wrote; Looking for a “God Fearing & Prayerful Single Sugar Daddy” to pay for my next vacation cos I don taya to dey spend my own money. More Qualifications below:

1) Must be very wealthy, tall, fit, eloquent and stylish.

2) Must be ready for a relationship without “sezz”. (I’m a “virgin”)

3) Must give me a monthly allowance of at least 100k USD. (Only broke men will say this is too much)

4) Must give me password to his phones, social media and must also give me his ATM Card Pin.

5) Must be faithful, loyal, respectful and honest.

6) Must not have Ex or Baby Mama Drama.

Pls Apply Within. Thank you and God bless as I look forward to a very fruitful vacation and future relationship.

PS: Nobody should ask me what I’m bringing to the table pls, I just wan enjoy life.