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Lady reveals her feelings for a guy disappeared after seeing his phone



A young Nigerian lady has stirred reactions from social media users after she made an emotional U-turn towards a guy she admired.

In a video she posted on TikTok, she revealed that her feelings disappeared when she saw the type of phone he uses.

According to her, when she first saw him, she was captivated and fell in love with him, but after seeing the back of his phone and realising that it is an iPhone which uses button, she immediately lost interest.

He was answering a call in the video, so she could not see the back of the phone until when he raised it up while pressing it.

”When I first saw him I fell in love but after seeing his back phone, the feelings disappeared”, she said.

She recorded the man on camera without his knowledge and added in her post; “Na still button iPhone user.”

Watch the video below..


God Abeg oo🙏😂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️i was almost caught 💃💃

♬ original sound – ǝloɔıN

Meanwhile, an up-and-coming singer, Deeman took to TikTok to celebrate after being gifted his first iPhone which happens to be a fairly used one.

The young guy who is now an internet sensation, revealed that when he started showing off his craft by uploading videos online people often made fun of him because of the poor quality.

He said that the story changed after God answered his prayer through a good Samaritan who blessed him with a UK used iPhone.

In a video he recorded, the king of covers could be seen unboxing the smartphone while wearing a joyful look. He revealed that the device is his first iPhone ever.

Deeman said; ”At the beginning of it all, one major problem I always have while recording my videos is the quality. More reason while I do use filters just to brighten up my videos. People make jest of me, so I prayed and now, I’m happy God used @isokoboy12 to bless my ministry.

Thanks so much boss for your love and support. You have written your name in my book of record. I will never forget you. This is my first iPhone ever. #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #oohmyjeez #afrojeez #deemanmusic”

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