Lady relocates abroad with money fiancé deposited in her account for their wedding

A Nigerian man has shared the shocking story of how his brother’s fiancée absconded with his money while he was preparing for their wedding.

The guy known on Twitter as @numberonetweep said his sibling deposited N3million into his intended partner’s account, but she used the money to process visa.

According to him, the money his brother’s wife-to-be used to travel abroad was meant to make arrangements for their wedding.

He tweeted; “My brother deposited 3million Naira into his wife to be account in preparation for their marriage. The girl use the money to process Visa and travelled out😭”

In reaction, @BoluAdegbola56 said; If this is true, your Bro na Mumu. Well, he can write to Police and Interpol to get back his money.

@rollzman_x; Congratulations to the two of them, when is the husband going to meet her?

@dejiimole; Abeg introduce me to her. Person wey process visa with just 3 million na god.

@amourab; Women are very decisive when they want to deal with you. The Yoruba proverb “that a woman have children for you does not say she cannot kill you” is a reminder that even the people closest to us can hurt us.

Meanwhile, in similar news…

A young Nigerian lady reportedly took N1.6 million which her boyfriend deposited into her bank account for business purposes and bought an iPhone 14 for herself.

The man known as Emmanuel paid the money into her account as a way of saving it because they wanted to open a laundry business, but he later discovered that she used the money to buy the latest iPhone.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the young man stormed her house in the company of social media influencer and content creator, MC Reality.

The lady told them that she was expecting some money from Canada, so he used the N1.6million to get the phone with the intention of replacing it when she receives the money from abroad.

Emmanuel was devastated by the situation that he ranted, paced back and forth, and sat down on the floor. He attempted to lay hands on his girlfriend but he was being held back by MC Reality.

He then seized the expensive phone from her in a clever way and warned her not to disturb him for it if not she would not like what he will do to her.