Lady rejoices as man her parents tried forcing her to marry defrauds them

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to celebrate over an incident of fraud that she should be sad about.

The young woman known on Twitter as @doitlikejuls, said her family brought a suitor that she did not like and wanted to force her to marry him in an arranged marriage.

But there was an unexpected twist of events as the man scammed her parents of business money, though she did not disclose the amount.

She called on people to join her in giving thanks for what happened because it was like a blessing in disguise.

@doitlikejuls wrote; “Help me praise the lord, the guy my dads people brought for me to marry by force has scammed them of business money. What God cannot do doesn’t exist fr.”

See the post:

Reacting, @Only1kalle said; You where supposed to be part of the collateral 🤣

@fav_brown_eyedd; I saw this on someone status and had to come see for myself again😂😂

@TounOlajide; It would have been better if he shared some of the money with you. Nonetheless, we thank the Lord.

@imperial_boss01; The planned the scamming with the guy, scammn’t you?

@shokl8lammy; “and i’m not saying they deserved it, but God’s timing is always rightttt”

@Proud_bear1; Our God no day wear flipflops ooooo stilettos straight up.

In related new, a suspected internet fraudster commonly known as Yahoo boy has been arrested for allegedly scamming an Army Commander.

He was interrogated after being apprehended and he confessed that he parading himself as a Reverend Bayo to carry out the scam.

The Yahoo Boy was alleged to have written a letter to the senior military official and asked that 600 soldiers be mobilised to Ondo State.

He also claimed to have taken on the identity of one Dr Folajimi Williams and a commercial driver to transport.

Some other suspects like a POS operator and a cab man were also arrested as accomplices in the fraudulent activity, but they pleaded their innocence.