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Lady regrets not giving Asake her number when he was an upcoming artiste



A Nigerian lady has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to reveal that Afrobeats singer, Asake used to be interested in her.

She revealed that he was wooing her when they were still in school but she had declined being friends with him.

The pretty lady known as @MarbellaSpice shared a screenshot of one of their messages where he asked for her phone number. Asake was still an up and coming artiste that was also studying at the time.

In the chat, she said that she did not like how he was all around campus as an artiste. When he asked for her contact, she told him that she was not looking to become friends, that she only heard his music and liked it.

However, fast-forward to present day and she is regretting why she refused to give Asake her number.

According to Marbella, she would have at least been good friends with Asake now if she had just responded positively.

Sharing the chat, @MarbellaSpice wrote; ”Shebi I for don give am my number 😂🤣 we would have still been friends even if I wasn’t interested.”

See the post below:

In other news, a Nigerian man known as Tommy Viccetti on Twitter, has shared the message he received from his date that made him change his mind about going out with her.

They made arrangements for her to come and meet him at an undisclosed location, but when time reached and he informed her that the driver he ordered was waiting, she asked him for airtime to call.

Feeling disappointed with her response, Tommy told her not to bother about coming because he has already canceled the ride.

Sharing the screenshot on Twitter, he declared that he would stop having anything to do with girls who are financially handicapped.

”Naaah, I’m done with broke girls,” he wrote.

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