Lady recounts giving her man money after losing his job only for him to use it to chase women

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to call out her ex for gold digging while sharing her regretting how she assisted him when he hit tough times.

The businesswoman known as Queen Ufuoma said that when they were still dating, his business crashed and he lost his job.

He informed her that he wanted to start afresh so she supported him by giving 75 percent of the total capital he needed.

According to the lady, she always sent him airtime so he could keep in touch at all times and not be stranded, but she later discovered that he was using the same money she gave him to spoil other women.

The event happened three years ago and she ended up dumping him, however, two months later, he started begging her for money and she sent N20k to him after which she blocked his contact.

Read the story below:

Short story about my ex.

He lost everything, his job, business, etc he wanted to start all over, didn’t have the means, he told me the amount he needed for a fresh start, I gave him 75% of the total amount, consistently sent him airtime so he won’t be stranded, dude used the money to flex with different women, got a baby out of it, I silently walked away, barely two months later, he called me to tell me he’s not eaten since yesterday and doesn’t know who else to turn to for help, I still sent him 20k then I blocked him.

Three yrs later, he’s using another number to contact me to tell me the baby wasn’t his, the “baby mama” just wanted money, he demanded for a DNA test and she skipped town. All I said was “sorry about that” then I blocked him.

Baba dey my telegram dey chat with himself everyday as we speak. All my friends can confirm how generous I am, sometimes they wanna borrow money but instead I tell them not to pay back, some borrow and don’t pay back, na recently I enter wickedness phase of being stingy and it has been sweet, I’ll leave the phase when I know someone is worthy of my generosity.

In addition, he told me he knows I was trying to use money to trap him into marrying me. Like I said, men love gold diggers when they have gold.