Lady recounts dramatic encounter with her husband’s side chic before they got married

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate what transpired between she, her husband and his side chic before they married.

She said the mistress visited him when she was in his house and she expected drama to unfold as the woman threw tantrums at the door.

The narrator known as @HPotables on Twitter, said her husband told his side chic to control herself after she barged in, warning her that his would-be wife is not patient enough.

She further revealed that his comment made her smile and she waited patiently for the lady come fight her as she had been given permission by her man to deal with her.

In her words; “I remembered b4 I got married, I went to my guy house to spend some days and immediately I got there I cleaned, cooked nd did all what I am supposed to do and head straight to get a nap. When he came in I served him food. He was already eating when I heard a knock on the door.

From the room, my guy stood up and open the door and I was hearing arguments From inside the room “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? “WHY ARE U ASKING ME “GET OUT! MY WIFE TO BE IS INSIDE “I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE OOO I can’t come out cos that visitor is not mine

I was on the bed waiting for the girl to comman show herself inside. Immediately I heard my guy say “DONT PASS UR BOUNDARIES AND STEP INSIDE THAT ROOM ITUNU IS PATIENT ENOUGH OO. WELL ENTER ANYTHING UR EYE SEE I WARNED YOU OOO. I was on the bed smiling and thanking God

That my guy has giving me permission to do whatever I like, The girl came inside and stood beside the wardrobe asking “WHO IS THIS?? I say WHO IS THIS??? my guy said “GO CLOSE TO HER AND ASK HER. Meanwhile I was on the bed waiting for her to receive. The panel beating of her life. I was jez begging God her head should push her she shu jez slap me TA I swearrugad i will make sure 3 private hospital reject her b4 I general hospital accept her. In this life try and have madness in ur head ooo”.

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