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Lady receives backlash after announcing her conversion to Christianity



A Twitter user who took to social media platform, Twitter to announce her conversion to Christianity, has drawn mixed reactions, as many people blasted her for the decision.

The lady identified as Ema wrote that she hopes her decision is respected and hopes to live in peace with other people. That didn’t go down well with people as she received a lot of backlash from Muslims who told her she was on her way to hell.

She wrote: “Today, I converted to Christianity,” adding, “I hope everyone lives in peace on the land of peace. I hope that you respect my decision.”

Welcoming her into Christendom, some other users assured her she is on the right path and she shouldn’t mind what people from the other religion are saying to her

See some reactions below:

*** This is the normal, the other one is many times sponsored. How will anyone convert to violence, bomb blasts, terrorism and general global crisis of all kinds. Jesus bless you sis.

*** Romans 10 vs 9. Believing in Jesus Christ for me is different from the Christian Religion. There are so many Christian practices that are not even Biblical. Read your own Bible and beware of deception.

*** You’ll never regret this decision…. btw, converting alone isn’t enough. Accept christ also and make him your Lord and you’ll never in your life regret this decision… greatness awaits you

*** The notion of god was created by early humans to understand the Universe. It’s impossible for our mammal brains to fathom the vastness and complexities of existence. Anything other than agnosticism is wishful thinking. Religion is a safe-space for people afraid to die.

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