Lady quits school, goes insane after boyfriend she did 6 abortions for married someone else

A Nigerian man has recounted how a lady was totally devastated by the betrayal she endured at the hands of her boyfriend of two years.

According to @BABAJIDEEDGES, the lady, who was a student had done 6 abortions for her man within their two year relationship but he broke her heart.

She then dropped out of school and started losing her mind to a point that she would randomly walk out in the middle of the night with a paper containing names of all their unborn kids to place a curse on her man who had done his introduction.

Her family took her to prayer houses and hospitals for solution, but when the problem persisted, they had to fly her out of the country.

@BABAJIDEEDGES said that he just heard from her years after the chaotic situation happened and she is doing better abroad.

In his words;A Lady I was involved in her chaotic situation in 2019 called me few days ago and i was so happy to hear from her.

A little back story.. At 21, this young lady had 6 abortions within a relationship of two years. A larger part of her relationship then was done in cohabitation.

She was in school but was living with this working class guy in the same town where she schooled. She goes to her own hostel only when she’s expecting her parent or a guest.

Long story short, Dude broke up with her after 2 years & 6 abortions. She was still very much hospitalized for the last abortion when the young man travelled for his intro.

She dropped out of school cos she almost ran mad. She would step out in the middle of the night with names of aborted children in different sheets of paper and lay curses on the guy, his wife..and their unborn children.

Yes! She gave names to all the aborted pregnancies with the abortion dates. She totally lost her mind!

They started taking her from one prayer house to another, from one hospital to another until she was eventually flown out of the country.

Long story short, this person is doing okay today because of her supportive family. Many wouldn’t have survived such insane phase.

She’s schooling & working abroad now. In fact, she gave me the permission to share this. The conversation I had with her brought me into a deep thought of how ladies are consistently exploring the risk zone like men.

Until young women understand that they can’t play & maximize sexual recklessness like some men because the consequences are unfair to them, women won’t stop becoming the victim of their own enabled mess.