Lady recovers her stolen car by herself after police said it’ll take them 48 hours

A lady has taken to social media to narrated how she recovered her stolen vehicle by herself within a much shorter time than police authorities made her believe it would take to find the car.

Queen Vela said she woke up in the morning of January 8th, 2022 to see that her car was gone overnight.

The lady said she watched the CCTV footage and saw the suspects driving away with it then she remembered that she had a car tracker app on her phone.

She reported the theft to police and gave them the car location details and they told her that someone will go to check it out within 48 hours.

Vela decided to go to the location herself and she found the car parked at a spot with someone smoking while watching the vehicle.

She wrote; “Woke up this morning to go about my merry way only to find that my beautiful car, my baby, was no longer on my driveway. My car had been stolen overnight. On this 8th day of a new year o. My first reaction was na wa o, they didn’t even let me finish new year waka. I nearly laughed out loud because this year was already showing itself and I was like on top of everything? Anyway, I rang the police and reported the theft. I brought up CCTV footage and was watching these merry fellows make away with my car. And then I remembered that my app has my car last trip location. So I looked it up and gave the police and they said someone will go within 48 hours. 48 whole hours! As in 48 x 60 minutes. Long story short I went to the location myself

I didn’t know what to expect and I can’t even lie I was scared af. When I got there, there was someone standing watch over the car and smoking, so I called the police again. Luckily I had my keys, and when I tried the car unlocked. The man was watching me and I was watching him but the police were on the phone so I had small courage. I unlocked the car and got in. They had broken the steering wheel to get the wheel lock off and ransacked the car but when I tried it started. Brethren, I carried my car o. I got in and drove to my house. I was my own police, my own recovery person. In fact Benoit Blanc no do pass me.

Met police have marked it as a solved case but they had better put my name down as the “solver”. They’ve been talking about forensic evidence etc but I know it’s not going anywhere. I’m actually sooooo thankful because honestly I’ve not been in the best mental space and dealing with losing my car would have been the worst. Anyway I’ve decided that my year has just started and I’m reclaiming this year same way I reclaimed my car, so happy new year to you all! I was referring to the manufacturer’s app not a special tracking app. It just happens that Lexus’s app has the functionality to track your car but I think only for new cars. Muting this thread now, but thank you.”