Lady makes U-turn, refuses to buy N10k worth of fuel for taxi driver after discovering he supports APC

A Nigerian lady known as Serah Ibrahim has narrated how she nearly gave a taxi driver fuel of N10,000 but had to change her mind after realizing he supports APC.

She revealed that she drove her car to petrol station to fill it up and spent N48,000 a full tank. She said the taxi driver also came to buy fuel but he wanted to purchase only 3,000 Naira worth of petrol

According to Serah, she felt the urge to assist him, so she asked the fuel attendant to make it 10,000 Naira with the intention of paying for him.

However, before they could fill his tank, she noticed an APC flag in his cab. She approached him for an interaction and explained that he supports APC and he believes things can still turnaround.

The taxi driver further went to blame the Fulanis and Igbos for making the fuel costlier and things harder but in his words, “God pass them”.

The lady eventually ended up not buying him the fuel anymore, while reminding him that election choices have consequences.

Filled up my tank for NGN 48,000 and noticed the car behind me was a taxi trying to buy NGN 3,000 fuel.

I told the fuel attendant to sell NGN 10,000 for him that I’d pay. Let him use that one to work. The attendant was selling for the car beside me first because cars lined up both left and right.

We were waiting for the POS Machine from his colleague. I then noticed the APC flag in the taxi-man’s car and I smiled.

Me: You dey do Emilokan for this economy

Taxi man: I be APC oh, na only Yoruba fit help this country.

Me: So you still dey vote with tribe for 2023. How much be fuel now, how is the economy treating you.

Taxi man: Things hard oh but e go better. Everything don cost now.

Me: And you still use emilokan chain, chain your car. Even put the flag in your taxi.

Taxi man: Na we dey govt now oh. Fulani don do their own, na our turn now. Na we dey power, even court talk am.

Me: So you dey govt now, lol. But you’re complaining everything is hard. You can’t even afford fuel.

Taxi Man: Na Fulani and Igbo make fuel cost Aunty. They just want country to hard for us but God pass them.

Me: Who told you that. I’m sure it’s the same people that flogged and beat up citizens that went to vote that is telling you that nonsense.

Taxi man: Na so election be Aunty. Na who strong pass go win

Me: So beating people up na strength.

Taxi man: If you no do like that, people no go fear you.

Fuel Attendant: How much am I taking from your card.

Me: How much fuel did I buy? Remove my NGN 48,000

Taxi man: Aunty you no buy for me again.

Me: Na you dey power now na. You supposed buy for me.

Taxi man: Aunty country don hard now if not I for buy for you.

Fuel Attendant: Put your pin madam. Oga how much you dey buy.

Taxi man: Aunty you no buy for me

Me: I’d have loved to but election choices have consequences. Next time you would vote wisely. Election choices have consequences.

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