Lady leaves many stunned as she prepares to attend her boyfriend’s wedding (Watch video)

The decision a young woman took with regards to her boyfriend who recently got married has left many social media users in a state of confusion.

Reggeria set tongues wagging when she took to her social media page and revealed that her boyfriend was getting married to another woman and she was getting ready to go to their wedding.

In a video she posted on TikTok, the woman made people even more perplexed when she said that her boyfriend was getting married to her aunt.

@lostxreggeria was doing her make up while sharing the unbelievable story with the intention of gate crashing her boyfriend and his wife’s wedding. She said he was the one who told her that he wanted to marry her aunt.

According to her, she found out later that the both of them were dating first before she met him, adding that they only dated for two weeks before her boyfriend proposed to the aunt.

But she talked about how she is happy for them but she would have preferred that she was married to him first. Reggeria went on to wish that one day he will also marry her in the same manner.

She also said that even if he breaks up with her to focus on his marriage, it would not matter because she would still be in his life being that he is getting married to her aunt.

Watch the video below:

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Keitumetse Moloko; Being this Delulu is the goal in life

Daniel; I understand every single word, but I don’t think I understood what is happening here.

Margz; Tik tok made sure all South African’s saw this because they knew that we would tell her the truth shame 😂😂😂😭😭😭🥺

I feel the need to say ✨; I’m that meme that has all the random mathematical signs throughout this video, I’m just I- 😫