Lady laments as her mother’s store gets emptied days after gifting items to neighbours

A young Nigerian woman has shared a disheveling example of how her good deed was paid back with bad action.

The lady known as @Lorde_Em on Twitter revealed that she embarked on a charitable course in the neighbourhood where she grew up.

Unfortunately, four days after being kind to her former neighbours, they ended up ransacking her mother’s shop

She said the robbery incident happened at night when her mum had closed for the day and it keft her heartbroken.

“Times are hard so I did a charitable thing in my childhood neighborhood. Tell me why they robbed my mom’s store 4 days later.

As per “for her to come back and help the community, she must be swimming in money”.

Broke my heart. She’s okay. It was late at night. She had closed and gone home,” she wrote.

In related news, a Nigerian lady identified as Doris Kendris went viral after she revealed how she single-handedly nabbed and bundled a thief that broke into her mum’s shop at night.

She revealed that she was able to tie him up and decided to wait till the next morning before taking another action.

The young photographer shared photos of the suspected thief who was bound with a rope and a part of the store door which he damaged trying to gain access into the store.

Doris, who described herself as wonder woman, gave an update hours later that he had been carried away by neighbours.

She wrote; “Guysssssss😭 I just caught a thief that came to steal from my mom’s shop. Long story short I have tied him and waiting for morning to reach.”

Doris added; “Update. People are awake now and he has been taken away. I’m Okay. (You can call me Wonder Woman shaa😕)”