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Lady inks throwback tattoo of her late parents and dog on her leg, to honour their memory (Photos)



A lady has chosen to remember her late parents in a memorable way by inking a tattoo of them.

The lady identified on Twitter as @Thami_ness drew a tattoo of a throwback picture of her dad, mum and their dog as they posed in the family compound.

According to her, she misses them everyday, so she decided to get an indelible mark to always remember them by. The tattoo was drawn on her leg and she claimed to be happy with it.

In the photo Thami replicated, her dad and mum were leaning on a red car, while the dog tried to cosy up to them as they paid it attention.

She revealed that the dog also passed away.

She shared the throwback photo and her tattoo pic with the caption;

”I miss my parents everyday. I’m so happy with this”

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