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Lady in wedding gown storms fiance’s office with Priest, demands to be married (Video)



A lady who has gotten tired of being just a ”fiancee” recently ambushed her lover at his place of work and demanded he marries her on the spot, or she’s “done”.

The unidentified woman who was wearing a wedding dress, stormed into a popular American store where her fiance works, to make the demands.

In a viral video which has left many social media users amused, she arrived at the store in company of a priest and her bridesmaid.

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to do it or get out,” the bride is filmed telling her fiance, who’s in the middle of restocking shelves with Halloween costumes in the Las Vegas shop.

On realising she was being filmed, the bride said that she’s making her fiance “commit” or she’s dumping him.

As the bride, bridesmaid and priest exited the Target store, the ‘groom’ can be heard saying: “Could someone have told me about it?”

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