Lady in tears as ex-boyfriend moves to US with her roommate who told her to dump him

A Nigerian lady, Praise Oghre, has recounted how a friend named Nneka, made her dump her boyfriend only for them to end up dating.

She said she started dating her guy in 100 level at the university but her roommate did not like him and wanted her to breakup.

According to Praise, he often took care of her needs in his own little way, but Nneka told her that she deserved a working class guy.

She eventually heeded the advice and ended the relationship, but six months later he and the same friend began to date.

The young lady said she found out after graduation that he got a scholarship to further his studies in the United State, and he took Nneka along with him as his partner (dependent).

In her words; “While I was in 100L there was this guy who was so nice to me, although he wasnt financially stable but he tried the best he could to make me happy. My roommate then h@t€d him and would ground at the sight of him, she would say “I need a better man. A working-class man, not a student”…

To make matters worse, the iPhone 7 my dad bought for me on my 17th birthday fell in water and stopped working and I couldn’t tell my dad cos the phone was barely 2 months old. The next evening, I was surprised to see him with an itel android phone he asked me to manage for the time being…

While promising me that when he receives fees from his students he would get me something better (he takes students extra classes). My friend was so m@d that night, she insulted him saying “who still uses itel phone in this era?”

To cut the story short, I finally left him to please my friend. But guess what? This guy is now a medical doctor in the US. He just got engaged to a woman! Guess who? MY ROOMMATE. 😭😭 They are both in the US together, I heard that after he graduated, he got a scholarship

He told the school he was married, and had to take my friend along because they started dating 6 months after we broke up. Nneka, if you get to see this… God will give you what you deserve.”