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Lady in a car confidently asks for a man’s phone number (Video)



An American lady has sparked reactions on social media platforms after she did something many see as unusual for a woman.

She braced herself and asked for the phone number of a random man she saw walking on the street.

The lady was riding in a car while the man was walking and she asked for his number several times as though she were joking.

The man who probably had doubts that she was serious, kept on walking, but she insisted and even stopped the car and told him to get in.

Watch the video:

Reacting, @gani_jonathan said; Because I don’t have six packs no lady is asking for my number

@harbay_meet; Nigerians girls left the chat!

@Akin_duko; Swear to God with the audacity am gonna give her if am single

@Jrefedoja; This is can never happen in my country

@Vincentmicheals; Some NIGERIAN girls rader go 6ft than to try this

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