Lady impressed as she witnesses okadaman buying N8k dress for his girlfriend

A Nigerian lady known as Mehreee witnessed an okada rider pricing a gown for his babe and his actions impressed her.

She said he came to a store close to where she was braiding her and showed the clothe vendor a photo of his babe, asking if the dress would fit her.

The young woman said the okada man was told that it costs N8k and he negotiated it down to N6k, but the seller insisted that she would not sell it below N8,000.

He then gave her N6,000 and promised to return with the balance of N2,000 to collect the dress for his girlfriend.

According to Mehreee, she was moved by what happened that she offered to complete the money, but he declined and stated that he wanted to pay the full money out of his pocket.

In her words; “Yesterday, at a salon close to where I was braiding, an okada man stopped to buy a gown for his babe. He brought out his phone to show the seller if the gown would fit the babe in the picture and she said yes. Gown was 8k he priced it for 6k and she said that was the last price.

He gave her 6k & told her to give him an hour, he’ll be back with the 2k balance. I overheard their conversation, called him back and offered to balance the remaining 2k and he refused.

I asked him why, he said I shouldn’t bother that it will give him more satisfaction knowing he bought it himself with his own money🥺🥺 I love love. You really do not need millions to be thoughtful and intentional to the people you love.”