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Lady gets into car crash while doing IG live video, but she continues like nothing happened (Video)



A video which has gone viral on social media captures the moment a woman had an accident as she was driving and speaking on Instagram Live.

The woman who was driving out to get some items on her birthday, decided to speak to her followers on the way, however, her attention was divided between being on IG Live and driving, so she ended crashing into something.

In a rather odd reaction to the incident, immediately after her car crashed, she continued like nothing had happened.

Watch the video:

Her odd reaction generated numerous comments from netizens.

@IsaacDimani; Doctor fit don tell this one say na 3months remain to live

@guess_waht; Who are the people related to this living thing?

@M_keekie; Lmfao must be molly

@NeneVictory; This one go shook u knife Nd continue moving

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