Lady finds and destroys ‘charm’ allegedly used to tie three men at a beach (Video)

A Nigerian lady found a suspected charm at a beach and decided to destroy it because she believed it was used to tie the destinies of three men.

She went along with a friend and while having a fun time they discovered a strange set of bangle-like ropes tied together.

In a video posted on social media, the young lady could be seen using her teeth to cut the three wrist bands and they declared that the person who did it is wicked.

According to the her, whoever decided to tie three men spiritually for the sake of love, does not deserve to have any of them in their life.

“You no deserve any. Why will you force a man to love you,” they said.

Watch video below:

Reacting, miquelofficials said; This is how God will use someone or something that doesn’t even know you to fight for you. Say Amen👏

frankikedinachi; The bible says in the book of haggi,I will shake the heaven and earth including the oceans and seas.may God use someone to untie us from the shackles of darkness.

aprokonurse_; Nothing will happen to her God is using her to answer prayers

jane_kreative; No wonder my babe never call me since morning… Wetin woman Dey do woman

iamchugo; What if someone did this for prayer probably for an ailing child or personal life?

zeemah_zayaty; Haaaaaaaaa😢I thought that thing is for abiku😢the child life is being tied to the mother and father 🤦‍♀️Toh

mamamia.mia.01; God works in mysterious ways… omo things fit sup for this person life now

king_yayou; Na so god dy work oo an that how we all cannot make it at once, it is does two that she cut finally that may be free. Maybe the other one that she didn’t cut last May still be there. One day person go still cut am

tegaxious; What if the juju come your house for night come dey twang you on a daily because you go carry matter wey no c cern you for head? 😂😂😂😂😂

meri.tfavour; Somebody somewhere just hate his girlfriend for no reason and he non know say na unlock happen

i_am_diponda; The people wey dem set free fit don get like 3 children with their juju wives like that

desmony1; This is how God answers prayer.. putting people in position to carry your matter for their head. 😂

simp_lytinu; The stuff is actually for abiku ooo , the child is being tied to his or her parents not to die againn , so she just successfully brought pain upon themm

sweetmaculate; This thing no be juju for man it’s to tye a child or a pregnant woman with hot womb so she won’t lose her baby..or a child so they don’t die.