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Lady falls in love and marries man after making wrong WhatsApp call



A couple’s true love story is one which might have happened to some but not many follow through to the point of marriage.

A regular case of mistaken identity has blossomed into a happily ever after love story between a Ugandan man named Aaron Musoba and his Boo Beatrice Nambi.

It all started when Aaron who was using his sister’s wedding photo as his WhatsApp profile photo found himself being accidentally added to a WhatsApp group where he dropped daily devotional messages.

He did this for a while, until Beatrice took keen interest in the individual who often inundated them with daily devotionals, and so she tried reaching out to thank him for tirelessly sharing devotions.

For Beatrice, she was unaware Aaron was a man as she thought the person to be lady based on his WhatsApp profile photo.

Beatrice went ahead to reach Aaron on a WhatsApp call, but he didn’t answer. But he called back, and from there, they created chemistry, although Beatrice was shocked to learn that Aaron wasn’t a woman she thought.

My Wedding Uganda reports that the two continued talking and became close friends because Aaron was dating someone elese at the time.

Musoba revealed:

“I heard a playful but lovely voice at the end of the line. I called her occasionally and was only friends because I was in a relationship at the time.“

The two continued communicating and didn’t meet until June 3, 2016 when Aaron visited Beatrice at her church and her beauty stunned him.

They had to keep the relationship as a long distance one for sometime as Aaron had to fly to Ethiopia for a scholarship program.

However, after sometime of being in a long distance relationship, Aaron finally flew back to Uganda to work on his relationship.

When he got back to Uganda, he got to work on the wedding process and after completing all of the traditional ceremonies they finally walked down the aisle at a church wedding.

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