Lady discovers carpenter used juju to make her forget N700k advance she paid him (Video)

A Nigerian Twitter user known as Anita Vams, has opened up on a recent mysterious occurrence involving a woman and a diabolic carpenter she unknowingly hired.

She said the young woman paid a carpenter N700,000 to make furniture and deliver to her apartment, but forgot that she had given him money.

It was when a friend asked her about her furniture that her memory got restored so visited his workshop and caught him with charms.

Anita reposted a video showing the moment the woman and some friends were at the carpenter’s workshop and met a shocking sight of numerous fetish items.

The woman claimed to have learnt that the man uses the juju to make customers forget money which they paid him to do jobs.

They could be heard fuming and confronting the man for engaging in such fetish practice and using it to dupe unsuspecting victims while being a devout Muslim.

The post reads; “Omoo! Someone paid carpenter 700k for a job and forgot she paid him for months only for her friend to ask her about her furniture. They got to his workshop and saw charms everywhere. They said he uses the jazz so people will forget their money with him. Ehh.”

Watch video below:

@UjunwaEzendiok1 commented; Haaaaaaaa Jesus Christ, I just remembered the woman I gave 500 to bring fufu for me, I am going to her house now.

@__arike_adey; Damn!!! Omo things are really going on in this country o 🤦🏾‍♀️

@ergotech132; very disappointing, have more curtesy than that to at least do the work.

@sal_empress; Omo she has mind o I won’t even go close Na babalawo be dat not carpenter

@GloriaNwachuk12; This gal her dad must be a higher babalawo cos how is she not scared to touch those things.

@mideolukokun; I’m a tattletale, this wouldn’t work on me. You would have to bewitch my family, friends and enemies because I do be complaining everytime I have to spend money😭😭

@Aunty_Favour; You see this carpenter people ehhh🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ my sitting room looks like where a world war was fought because the carpenter I paid in full for my furniture abandoned the work half way after I paid (700k)him in full for close to 3weeks now.